The Delhi Tughlaqabad fort is one of the largest forts around India. However, the fort was not used for much time. There are even some beliefs that suggest that the fort is cursed. Fortunately, the fort is still open for people to visit to this day. Some of the parts are not easily open but there are many different remnants that can still be found in the area.

The Tughlaqabad fort was built Ghazi Malik, a slave to Mubarak Khilji. Ghazi Malik found that the area where the fort is today would make for a great spot for a fort. Mubarak Khilji joked that Malik should build that fort if he ever became a sultan. However, Malik would eventually become Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the first rule of the Tughlaq dynasty. He would then build the fort in 1321.

However, the fort was abandoned in 1327. This comes from a curse that was placed on Saint Nizam-ud-din after his work on the creation of a well had to stop. This was due to Tughlaq's demand that the people who worked at the fort should be people from Delhi. Eventually, Tughlaq died when a canopy collaps

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