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The unusual prophecy for his son, Prince Siddhartha, that he would either become a great king or a great ascetic, compelled King Shuddhodana of Shakya dynasty, to guard him and provide him with the best of comforts so as to refrain him from leaving the house. Being the ruler of Kapilavastu and with a prospective heir, he naturally wanted to believe in the words which prophesied that Siddhartha would be one of the greatest of rulers. But somewhere deep in heart he knew that it would never happen and tried best as a father would, to keep his son engaged in the worldly matters. Nevertheless, he did succeed in keeping his son at home for almost 29 years. But on the night his son was born, the future King of Kapilavastu, left the house in the darkness of midnight, in search of the ultimate truth; a truth to overcome sorrow and grief in human life. The path to this truth, he never knew, neither had he known whether he would succeed. But six years later after going through severe penances and austerity and later discarding even these for meditation the Prince realized the truth. From this point of enlightenment he was proclaimed as the Tathagata; the one who knows the truth and as Buddha; the one who is awakened or enlightened.

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